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AID Conseils - Lettre Boursière MBI, Essonne (91)
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Offre Stage ou CDI / Middle - Back clients institutionnels internationaux/ Bac +3 à Bac +5
The Cross-Product Clearing and Settlement
Account Manager
Clearing and Settlement activity on French and International markets, for French and International Corporate clients.
“ The account manager is responsible for day-to-day management, both of clients’ clearing instructions and of the client - Service Provider relationship ”
Clearing Instructions
 Ensure reception of clients’ clearing instructions from a variety of supports (SWIFT, @PBLink, Fax… )
 Timely entry and / or control of instructions in appropriate operational systems
 Data control: ensure the coherence and validity of data provided, and its conformity with SLA
 Risk management: control of client positions for delivery of securities
 Monitor progress of instructions from reception to settlement
 Quality control: continual improvement of electronic client instructions to perfect STP rates

The Account Manager - Client Relationship

 Timely and accurate provision of information to the client
 Reactive use of corrective action as required to ensure settlement, and proactive follow-up with the client to avoid repetition
 Rapid intervention to analyse and resolve client queries and claims
 Implementation of back-up procedures to ensure continued service in the case of an incident

The Account Manager within BP2S

 Development of ‘front-line’ operational procedure
 Identification of operational anomalies and liaison with the departments concerned
 Analysis and reporting of incidents
 Identification of operational risks, and development of appropriate procedures
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